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beyond the boundaries of earth

Beyond the Boundaries of Earth

Mysterious is the emptiness of
space, immense its vastness and breathtaking the celestial spectacle it offers
.Outer space has overawed man from time immemorial, from the dawn of
consciousness man has been enthralled by the changing pattern of the sky. For
some it foretold future and for others it was a guide since it helped to
navigate around. Such was its grip that young girls cried for the sweet little
moon whom they saw as a friend, a playmate. From such humble beginnings began
man’s conquest of space, which now dictates his future for he looks to it as
the future prospect of life & living.

But how did it all begin? It
began from almost nothing and is marching forward to everything, as the mere
emptiness of space was filled up by the big bang which seems to have come out
of something very small but was potent enough to create everything big.

Well 15 billion years is what the
universe is supposed to be after it was born with a bang. But there are
theories which contradict such an explosive start. Theories such as the steady
advocate that the universe is continuously created and
destroyed to maintain the steady universe but then it speaks of a universe
which has no beginning or end, and then there is the famous big
which finds support due to strong reasons of galaxies
moving away and universe receding and expanding as well. But what ever it may
be, a lot of work has to be done before we do untangle the jigsaw puzzle-something
aptly covered in these words “we seem to
be like children playing on the sea shore with pebbles and often finding newer
prettier pebbles. But what lies ahead is the great ocean of truth and uncertainty,
that’s what we are looking for”.

While they all search for the
truth, we see tsunamis & earthquakes, twisters & tornadoes all wrecking
havoc on our homes, our planet. Is it time we moved away to a new planet? Well
that’s what space exploration is all about. There have been suggestions for
colonies in space in the near by orbits with sun powered solar cells, a rotational
nature to provide them with a minimum gravity to walk in space, and with lunar
rocks to safeguard our self against the deadly radiation

Man through his
innovation and ability has learnt to fly and now is cruising in space. He has
already sent many satellites to far off worlds in search of new species, new
life forms and of a habitable place to live like mars. One such faithful
mission is that of the Pioneer-10 which has long passed our boundaries of
communication but still stands testimonial to our quest for knowledge, as it contains
a plaque which would tell any other life; if it were there, it is here- alive
and living.

It gives our exact position with
respect to 27 pulsars and to our nearby galaxies it informs our exact position
in the solar system giving graphic idea of what they are to expect if they were
to stop by our planet. There is however a distant fear of the much prophesized alien
attacks similar to the likes of the story “The War of the Worlds”.

Well who knows
what lies beyond the known? For like a candle’s flame which allows us to see
whatever it illuminates but conceals much more than what meets the eye; the
universe is much more than what we think it to be.

But we will know what is out
there as say the famous words of Robert Goddard “It is impossible to say what is impossible, for yesterday’s dreams are
today’s hopes and tomorrows reality”

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