The Overview Effect

” ..compelling us to re-evaluate and reconsider our perspectives of the world within and around us.”

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Quick read: Overview Effect – a phenomenon from space travel can have some great creative parallels in the arts. 

There’s a strange phenomenon that happens to astronauts when they see Earth from space. Most astronauts describe this as a cognitive shift in awareness, a state of mental clarity or a sense of deep connection.

This state called the “overview effect,” occurs when you are flung so far away from Earth that you become totally overwhelmed and awed by the fragility and unity of life on our planet. It’s the uncanny sense of understanding the “big picture” and a humbling appreciation of our infinitesimalness in comparison – all at the same time.

Recently, two creative technologists have created an oddly mesmerizing website that provides something approximating the ‘Overview Effect’ for the rest of us.

Check it out at

Andrew Wong and James Thompson created an algorithm that seeks videos…

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One thought on “The Overview Effect

  1. I think that it's important to write for your readers. If you have a particular readership in mind, you can tailor your language to suit. Looking at some articles written for the web deeoastrntms what you mention here about belittling the reader. I have read a few articles, especially on the Triond site, that seem to attempt to do this.


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