Well we are all quite used to the hectic life style & hustle bustle travelling of today’s Kolkata. Its time capsule like buses and their ever winding long route plans. Their unscheduled stop’s (or rather start’s) give me a sense of joy ,of relief as every passing signpost and address gives the cheers of reaching the “home sweet home” destination (it could also be the school like college or college like office destination depending upon who it concerns!)

It is in these buses of time travel that I reflect upon my good sweet school days & childhood of fun & leisure full walks to the school in the big groups of the “Bands of brothers” like friends. All those tinkling lunch boxes, leaking and dripping water bottles& yes not to forget that heavy “bori- busta” called school bag! Alas that too was signpost called schooldays along the pathway of the odyssey of life

. Next comes the signpost saying “college days ahead” .This is when the  tryst with late fines for late entry, improper uniform, the keenly awaited attendance vs fine contest at sem ends, the suspension orders, irreplaceable bunking (“practice makes you perfect” motto) sessions (more of a norm nowadays!), crush & blush of young couples; all happen. All these are and will ever be the norm of the menu card of college life. But before we pass on yes studies too are dealt with here as they are the talk of the town; microprocessor, machines, java, and c & oops …..All part of the college menu. But well this too seems to be coming to an end after 2 ½ years of  stay gives way to the beginning of the end, soon to materialize into the dawn of the much awaited “office” life ; but hey stop where is the signpost to that milestone …..Ahoy CAMPUS INTERVIEWS.

 It is time folks- The “Big mans job test vs the college boys answer” sessions is here. Its time to take a look at the big world of “professional” work (as if we were unprofessional in our work- bunk the best you can) .campus interviews- the time to look into yourself and ask whether you fit the bill or not! (Well it does not matter if you don’t fit in because you got to resize yourself to fit in!!) But how do you know if you fit in or not?

                                                                 Well here’s when the “angel” named GB comes in- all guns blazing and in a series of sessions aimed at setting the M-seal at the plughole called self doubt ends the jam session saying “buddy here’s where the buck stops , u got to do it yourself!” ;in a nut shell all the “hal-chal”, “jhatak-matak”, “rona-dhona” ; all  visualized ,analyzed and perfected with the ever helpful touch of GB.

                                              But wait its all in a blurry how do I know or rather do I know? How or what is in store for me. My father gives me a look of floodlights ready to flood me with all those “keep it up” & “well done son” kudos; mom’s on a different flight all together readying her speech she would “broadcast” on the relay network (known as phone)about  the great event known as “selection of my son”. My friends meanwhile are all eyes & ears looking 007 types trying to gather all about my movements across the world of preparation. Every nook and corner is abuzz with the words “hey did you know that dada or didi did that in such a manner, what will you do”, every senior posing with the look of Barkha dutt as if asking “ ke re ki korchis campuser prep koto door aeseche?”. All this in the midst of solemn and silent gathering of  the toppers. Gathering like a pack of wolves all strategizing the “attack”. All brazenly readying their artillery and ammunition for the Great War that looms ahead!


I look up to my gun (pistol?). Is it going to stand it? Will it be able to fire its salvo? Will I scale the Berlin wall? Will I breach Normandy? Oh god! Please help me fight my battle!! I plead desperately and that is when the spark of light that I was so desperately searching for comes out saying “hey if they can, so can you too; after all you are here with them, standing on the same boat, coming across the same pontoon called JEE it’s the same river & every one is standing on it with you; go on! March ahead you’ll make it. Go on!”    The flight of fancy is about to begin and you better rev up your engines. All the best!

                                                Engine’s- oh that is something I know of, it was all part of those bulky books … mechanical science, machines, math & science. Ok here I am and I am coming. but before I plunge in I better take a look at all those logical reasoning, mathematical ability, that different and tougher cousin of English known as verbal they might come in handy .I just cleaned and dusted my mind, polished my speech, oiled my hair,ironed my uniform& checked the look on my face , after all I ought to be presentable! Then I searched for that elusive grey matter called General knowledge I baked all the news papers blazed the magazines zipped my way through the internet all in the search of that know how!

 My seniors were helpful as they guided me to a POW (prisoner of war!) of the yester year’s placement sessions – the Question papers. I interrogated them and found that-        I was, yes I was after all capable,  I had just made it to the hall of fame, I fit the bill . Hey may be I am not that bad at all. May be I‘ll fire my gun & hope that it finds its target too.

                                                           The very same target we were all talking about .That very elusive Shangri-la like sign post of campus interview; all pointing to that milestone of green pasture. The path way to the world of office & jobs –the next episode on this odyssey called life.


just some of the companies who will be hunting on our grounds!!

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